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Second Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Sitting in my bunker to comply with the social distancing of Coronavirus or COVID-19 has brought back some personal family remembrances. I never knew my maternal grandfather as he passed in 1918 from the Spanish Flu. Until recent news reports I had no idea this earlier pandemic caused over 50 million deaths world-wide and 675,000 in the United States. All I knew was that my grandfather had died from the flu and my grandmother came down with it as she tried unsuccessfully to nurse him to health. Fortunately, my grandmother survived and lived until her late 80’s. This second-hand remembrance of events from 101 years ago has given me an understanding of the impact this virus can have on families for years. My plea to all of you is to take this situation seriously. Please follow medical and government directives designed to curtail the spread of the virus. We wish you good health.

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First Quarter 2020 Newsletter

The term “priced to perfection” refers to an investment or market that is at a price level that will sustain itself only if the investment or market performs to high expectations in the future with no missteps or disappointments. This is likely the condition of the current stock market after the Fed driven rally of 2019. Now that we have breached 29,000 on the Dow, and appear to be on our way to 30,000, it is reasonable to examine whether any future disappointments could upset the perfection and accompanying complacency of the market.

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