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Needham Advisory Corp.

Offering Full-Service Investment Management & Financial Consulting

Personalized Solutions 

For Your Financial Needs

At Needham Advisory Corporation, our services are not based on selling financial products, but focused on defining goals, identifying alternative strategies and using our expertise and experience to provide assistance in implementing the appropriate strategy.

We Help Individuals Organize Their Financial Lives

And Successfully Plan for the Future

Together, We’ll Take an In-Depth Look At:

  • Financial Planning and Management
  • Investment Management
  • Asset Allocation
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Trustees

Investment Management

What to Expect:

  • Goal definition, asset allocation, security selection and investment management.
  • Consultation and management with trustees on individual trusts.
  • We act as your individual trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee.
  • Consultation with other professionals as necessary or requested to ensure that all advisors are working toward the same goal.
  • Hourly consultation for those who do not need or require continuous management.

Financial Consultation

How We Help:

  • Manage current expenses and project future cash flow.
  • Understand alternatives when faced with buying a new house or investing in a business.
  • Determine the means and strategy to accumulate funds for financing a college education and achieving financial independence.
  • Evaluate the choices and allocation of investment assets to manage risk and control market variability.
  • Understand strategies to minimize income tax liability and maximize retirement savings.
  • Evaluate retirement income distribution methods and understand wealth transfer techniques.
  • Develop an overall estate plan and prepare for elder care needs.

Ready to Begin Your Financial Journey?

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